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COVID-19 and Post-COVID Care

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We all know that COVID-19 can have devastating effects on your health. But for many people, those symptoms linger long after the virus has left their bodies. Many coronavirus survivors suffer from long-term complications and prolonged symptoms that impact their respiratory system, as well as their heart, digestion and overall well-being. You may know this as “long COVID” or “post-COVID syndrome”.

You need a medical team who can help manage your symptoms and guide you in the road to recovery. That's why we've launched our post COVID-19 care services. Our clinic caters to all patients who previously had COVID-19 and are currently suffering from long-term consequences from the illness. We are here to fill a void in the community and be a go-to resource where you can be evaluated and treated in one place.

To book your appointment, give us a call at 432-332-5557. Alternatively, you may contact your physician to get a referral.

Common symptoms that we treat:


Chronic cough


Brain fog

Difficulty breathing

Joint pain

Sleep disturbances

Chest pain

Heart palpitations

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