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Weight Loss & Weight Management

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The motivation behind a patient’s weight loss journey is highly personal. Some do it to return to their pre-pregnancy body weight while others have a medical reason, such as cardiovascular issues or diabetic care; others simply want to live a healthier life. No matter your reason, our team will help you achieve your goals the healthy way.

At Odessa Medical Enterprises, we know the secret to successfully managing weight issues. Just as each patient has a unique reason for dropping some pounds, so do they need a treatment plan that is wholly based on themselves. Our providers schedule an initial consultation with each patient to discuss their weight loss goals and determine the best plan of action. We take into account your body type and health history in order to provide the most effective treatment plan.

Our team at Odessa Medical Enterprises promises the best care to our patients. To us, weight management is just one aspect of the comprehensive care you deserve.

Our weight management program includes:

Thorough medical evaluation
Personalized exercise plans

Metabolic testing

FDA-approved medication*

Nutrition recommendations

Bariatric surgery referral*

*We will work with you to maintain long-term success through balanced nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. However, we may offer FDA-approved medication and/or bariatric surgery referrals on an as-needed basis.

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